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CrossPoint Greetings!

CrossPoint is a relationship-centered church! We believe that having a relationship with Jesus Christ is a priority. That knowing Jesus and experiencing Him daily will help each person in every area of life! Without a doubt Jesus is our best friend! He is there for us, he tells us … "when you are tired and have heavy loads. If all of you will come to me, I will give you rest. Take the job I give you. Learn from be because I am gentle and humble in heart. You will find rest for you lives. The duty I give you is easy. The load I put upon you is not heavy." (Matthew 11:28-30 The Simple English Bible).

At CrossPoint we work hard at promoting authentic community. We know that we are family doing all that we can to be real with God, each other and the world. Many times people ask me what are the components to authentic community? The following are critical elements for CrossPoint to be family:

· MISSION: This is where the CrossPoint community of faith understands that we are here to point people to the cross of Jesus Christ and beyond. We are here to introduce people to our best friend who can heal, help and bring peace and purpose to life!

· TOGETHERNESS: We believe that as Jesus brought people from all aspects of life together to accomplish a God-size task, He is doing that through CrossPoint. The most important task at hand is to help people know that they are valued and so very important that they would consider receiving Jesus as their Savior!

· TRUST: Trust is a family's most precious commodity. It is the connective tissue of the church. We are encouraged to …"trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV) There are people seeking a safe place where they can observe, learn and grow while being accepted and not rushed into that special relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the type of church CrossPoint is. We trust God to do the work, while giving people time and space to learn, grow and accept Jesus as their Savior for themselves.

· SUCCESSION: The word "success" has a double ring. We know the popular meaning of "success" as leading he pack, getting ahead, being first. But the word "success" also means following behind, falling in from the rear, and staying in step. When you "succeed" someone, for example you follow that person, you walk behind that person, and you step into someone else's shoes. That's what CrossPoint is all about….learning how to follow Jesus and learn from His example so we can be the right type of role model's for others.

When we do this CrossPoint Christian Church will be an incredible lighthouse in this region shedding the light on Jesus! Lighthouses shine. That's it. They don't blow horns. They shine. And in that shining, the lighthouse provides mariners a navigating beacon that serves multiple functions. It guides the ship in times of fog and distress, warning others where the rocks are hidden and how to find the shore. Its light can also symbolize "the lights of home" to those returning from voyages or to all with a sense of lost belonging. Finally, its beacon signifies a goal, a vision, an impossible possibility toward which a person strives and one day hopes to reach. The shores of eternal life in heaven!

To miss the light of a lighthouse is to find misfortune, to overlook home. Leaders can spot and decode the flickers beamed out to sea by lighthouses. CrossPoint is here to point people to the cross and beyond! A church outside Geneva, Switzerland, maintains a centuries-old tradition. Everyone who comes to church brings a light from home. This happens not just on Christmas Eve for a candlelight service; it happens at every service. The three-hundred-year-old sanctuary starts out dark and then slowly becomes light as the worshippers bring their unique lights and hang them on hooks that jut from the church's walls.

When the congregation meets a church member who was absent from worship, they say, "We missed your light." CrossPoint is a family of believers who experience community and together we do our best to be a lighthouse shining the light of Christ in this dark world so those who are lost or need guidance and direction for life can find it.

I want to personally invite you to come and worship with us this Sunday morning or in the near future. We worship at 10:30 AM at 889 Southbridge Street in Auburn, MA. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about CrossPoint Christian Church, feel free to contact me at 508-721-2778 or e-mail me at: Come and check us out. We are here for you!

Growing in my relationship with Christ,
Pastor, Jeff Busby

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